Manpower Supply (License C - JTKSM384C)

ARAS BARU had been granted C License by the Ministry of Human Resources (JTK) on 10th September 2018. Under Malaysia Private Employment Agencies Act 1981 (“Act”). Private employment agencies operating in Malaysia must have a C License under the Act (“License”) before they can carry out any local and foreign recruiting activity.


In applying for Aras Baru’s Manpower Supply service, you will start with an initial consultation to discuss your specific manpower requirements. Our experts will then conduct a thorough needs assessment and provide personalized recommendations. After the candidate selection process, we will present you with a comprehensive proposal outlining the scope of services, costs, and contractual terms. Once an agreement is reached, Aras Baru will handle all necessary arrangements for deployment, including work permits, visas, transportation, and accommodation. Throughout the engagement, we provide ongoing support, monitoring performance, resolving issues, and ensuring the satisfaction of both the workers and the client.

We offer a complimentary consultation service to employers, allowing them to openly discuss their HR requirements and concerns. Our experts are ready to listen and provide tailored solutions to meet their specific needs.
We take the burden off employers by assisting them in preparing all necessary documents for obtaining the Foreign Worker quota. Our streamlined process ensures a smooth and efficient application.
With a deep understanding of the job scope and market demands, our consultation includes advising employers on the most suitable nationalities of Foreign Workers. This ensures a harmonious and productive workforce.
We facilitate the process of obtaining official attestation based on the selected nationalities, ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.
To ensure the best fit for the job, we conduct on-site interviews with clients, helping them select candidates directly from the Source Country.
Before proceeding with the calling visa application, we take care of complete medical checkups and passport renewal for chosen candidates in their home country, expediting the immigration process.
We assist clients in obtaining the calling Visa for the chosen foreign worker, simplifying the bureaucratic procedures.
With careful planning, we prepare a comfortable foreign worker hostel well in advance, ensuring a welcoming and safe environment upon their arrival.
We handle all pre-departure arrangements, ensuring a smooth transition for the foreign workers to their new work destination.
Clients can rely on us to manage airport logistics, sparing them the need to be present at the airport. We ensure a hassle-free arrival experience for the foreign workers.
We arrange reliable transportation to transfer the workers from the airport to their designated hostel, taking care of all travel arrangements.
Our assistance extends to guiding and supporting workers through FOMEMA checkups, a crucial step to secure official permits from immigration authorities.
Throughout their stay in Malaysia, we actively manage workers' welfare, ensuring their well-being and satisfaction with their working conditions.
As the workers' contracts come to an end, we assist and organize their repatriation, ensuring a smooth and orderly departure from Malaysia.

“The greatest asset of a company is its PEOPLE.”